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Craig Duran

Craig Duran

Owner | Director of Sales

After performing music professionally for over ten years, Craig Duran has been working full-time in real estate since 2003.  He has been the #1 agent for Pelican Real Estate in his office since 2009. He specializes in the coastal resort market and has closed over 500 transactions totaling over $150 Million.

When he isn't helping his real estate customers, Craig still plays a little music when he can but has now become addicted to golf.  However, his beautiful family is his primary focus.   He and his wife Christy, an entertainment lawyer, enjoy all the time they can with Ava (12) and Roman (6).

"When I started in this business in 2003, real estate wasn't as complicated. Today, buyers and sellers have more rules to follow to avoid problems and there is so much more to marketing because of the internet. It really has become 24/7/365. 

To do it right, I realized that I just couldn't do it all so I started The Duran Group.

Now, instead of trying to do everything myself, different team members focus on different parts of the real estate process. I also invested heavily in technology to make us more efficient and better market our properties. 

And remember what we are dealing with here...buying and selling real estate is no small thing.

We want to get it right."