About The Duran Group

Craig Duran started in real estate in 2003 and has worked full time in the business ever since.  He has been the top producing agent for Pelican Real Estate in Bay County since 2009 and was the top producing agent for the entire company (PCB, 30-A, and Destin) in 2012 and 2014.  Craig has closed 55+ transactions per year since 2012 and 70+ per year for the last two years. Craig founded The Duran Group at Pelican Real Estate in 2016 and hired a Transaction Coordinator and Marketing Director that work ONLY on listings and closings for his group.

After 12+ years in the business without a solid online strategy, Craig implemented an aggressive online/social media strategy in Q3 of 2016. In the first 3 months of 2017, those efforts have produced over 2,325 leads from his listings alone. 

The Duran Group at Pelican Real Estate is currently accepting applications for Real Estate Agent, Administrative, and Digital Marketing positions.

Our Location

The Duran Group at Pelican Real Estate operates out of Pelican's Calypso office, located onsite at Calypso Resort and Towers, right next to Pier Park.

Your Role

We're Looking For:

1. Buyer's Agent - We're hiring a talented real estate agent to play a big role in our growth. We are slammed with high-quality buyer leads. We have a targeted list of very interested buyers for you to follow up with that won't actually hang up on you. You'll learn from and report directly to Craig Duran, President of The Duran Group at Pelican Real Estate and top-producing real estate professional.

Responsibilities include staffing a new pre-construction project, making 50+ calls per day, email follow up, showing property and writing offers, all while communicating effectively with the rest of the group. 

2. Administrative Help - We're looking for a highly organized, efficient administrative person to handle listing and closing transactions. Real estate experience is not required but is, of course, a plus.

Responsibilities include data entry, database organization, MLS entry, checklist management and general office work. 

3. Digital Marketer - We're looking for a digital marketer to perform what we call CAB: Create Content, Advertise it on Facebook and Blast it out through email. 

Responsibilities include publishing blog posts, sending email marketing messages, running Facebook ads and communicating with customers about their specific properties.

Are you a fit for The Duran Group at Pelican Real Estate? 
Email us your resume and cover letter.

Our People

Building a successful team culture is vital in building a successful company. The Duran Group strives to provide excellent customer service while creating a stress-free work environment. Each member specializes in his or her area of expertise, however, our successful team culture truly shows when we all come together. 

It's not hard to say we love our jobs, we love our space just steps from the beach, we love being a team and working together to reach our goals. 

Here are some of the people you'll be working with if you join The Duran Group. 

"Before accepting my position as the Transaction Coordinator for The Duran Group, I had little experience in real estate and was nervous about whether or not this was the right move for my family and I. It's been a year since I joined the team and I can truly say that I love my job! The education and experience I have received since being here has been first-class, not to mention Craig works hard to provide a rewarding opportunity for his employees. We are constantly reminded that we "work to live and not live to work." - Lauren Hahn

"Fresh out of college, I had some (very little) experience in the marketing field and even less in real estate.
Craig took a risk on me.
Having the opportunity to put my education to work has been exciting and compelling -- I continue to grow and learn far beyond what any of my textbooks could have explained. I am incredibly grateful for the grace shown when mistakes are made as well as the recognition of a job well done.
The members of The Duran Group have a likeminded goal to provide quality customer service and a leader who is determined to do so -- it is a privilege to be a part of this team."
- Chrystal McDill

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