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Chrystal McDill

Chrystal McDill

Marketing Director (2015-2017)

Chrystal is a highly valuable member of The Duran Group and the key to creating a stellar online and offline presence for our customers. She creates content to use on various social media platforms, keeps sellers updated on the marketing of their property, and conducts research on the happenings of real estate in the area. Native to Panama City Beach, Chrystal is thrilled to market the city in which she grew up, as well as its surrounding areas. Chrystal is excited to work with a team of professionals that are passionate about providing excellent customer service.

Chrystal joined the team toward the close of 2016, after spending her last full semester with Florida State University studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Throughout her college career, she worked in finance, gained experience as a marketing intern, and fell in love with the coast all over again, while photographing weddings along 30-A. 

Chrystal loves traveling and experiencing new cultures, but is also happy spending time at home or taking her dog, Moose, on adventures. In her free time, Chrystal enjoys finishing home projects, working out, cooking, or drinking coffee at her favorite coffee shop.