Ready For The Secret Sauce?

We're not in 2007 anymore. We live in a technological world and your property can't afford for the marketing to be two steps behind.

There's so much more to marketing a property for sale than creating a listing in the MLS system. For us, these 4 secrets are just part of the foundation of our marketing strategies.

1. Facebook Ads - The Right Way

There are over 2 Billion Facebook users worldwide. Think about that.

The next time you are driving down the road, look around and see what other passengers, and even drivers, are paying attention to. 

Are they looking at billboards or are they focused on their phones?

Whether it is good or bad remains up for debate, but there is no arguing where everyone's attention is these days. More than 2 hours per day, on average, we are completely wrapped up in our cell phones and there is one app that is by far the most popular.

So it makes great business sense to be on Facebook. But to actually market and advertise the right way, you have to "pay to play."

Facebook advertising is much more involved than snapping a picture of your newest listing and posting it on your business page. Even "paying to play" is more involved than throwing some money at that new listing post and hoping for the best. You have to create just the right ad, send it to just the right people, and put serious dollars behind it to get just the right response.

We can reach 20,000+ Targeted Potential Buyers in one, 3-day ad campaign. 

2. Ensure People are Getting to the Right Place Online... At the Right Time

We have the power to drive our web users exactly where we want them to go on our site. By utilizing a system that provides us the ability to watch a direct playback of what people on our site are viewing, we are able to better understand our buyers and feed them exactly what they want. This extra knowledge allows us to put them on an easier path to your property. 

3. Better Email Marketing

Email marketing is free marketing, but it's not necessarily easier marketing. 

20 years ago, we were all afraid to check the mailbox in front of our house... it was just too packed with junk mail.

The same thing has happened with our digital mailbox, so your email marketing has to be different. 

If you send mass messages to everyone, you'll quickly receive a slew of unsubscribers.  Send the message only to the people that want to read it.  

We create specific lists within our email database just like we create specific audiences and target them on Facebook. This allows us to segment our messaging and this segmentation keeps us out of the automatic swipe to delete because our readers are receiving messages they want.

In other words, the $300,000 condo buyer is consistently served not only our newest condo for sale but also interesting articles/posts about buying condos while the first time home buyer only sees information relevant to them.

This all leads to higher open rates and click-through rates meaning quite simply, more potential buyers are opening and reading our emails about your property for sale.

Note: The real estate industry average open rate and click thru rate for email marketing is 20.84% and 1.91% respectively. 

Emails like we send engage with the right people and in turn receive higher open rates and click thru rates (39% and 18% respectively).


4. Make Your Listings Visible

On the first page of our website, you will find our featured listings. We've been hired to market a property so it should be a no-brainer to have our listings prominently displayed on our website. The objective is to get eyes on the property and get it sold. Make it visible to potential buyers in as many places as possible and that starts right on the first page.

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