Looking below, I was surprised to see that 69% of the closings in En Soleil since the beginning of 2016 were cash sales. Buyers have been buying 2BR and 3BR units at about the same rate. 

There is very little data to analyze since there are fewer units in En Soleil than some other projects but Q3 year over year sales AND YTD sales were both up.

One way to assess the strength of any given financial market is to look at supply and demand data. Days on Market is a good number to consider as it gives some sense of buyer demand. This number is up significantly but again, with so few units to consider, I take this with a grain of salt. 

Currently, there are only two units for sale and only two months of inventory which are both signs of a strong, healthy seller's market. 

Price per square foot has been trending up in En Soleil since the beginning of 2016 which is a continuation of a trend since 2013. Although average price per square foot is down in Q3 year over year, I focus more on the overall trend with such little data to consider. 

I compiled the comparisons below to get a sample of what was happening in the overall condo market. En Soleil isn't directly comparable to any of these other buildings but does provide some sense of the overall condo market. 

* Data Analysis by The Duran Group at Pelican Real Estate uses data from Bay County Association of Realtors MLS service. Information is deemed correct, but not guaranteed. The Duran Group analysis, summaries, and conclusions are based on our professional opinions. *