Families will LOVE this...MINE did! 

Locals, seasoned visitors and even newbies know about most of the popular family attractions in Panama City Beach.  Pier Park , Wonderworks, and The Sea Screamer are just a FEW of the many super-fun things for families to do while in PCB.

I've lived in Panama City Beach since 1997 and experienced just about everything there is to do on the island...at least I thought I had.

With school getting ready to start, I decided to take a Monday off and play tourist to spend some quality time with my kids.

We went out for breakfast then had a mean game of putt-putt.  Of course, the 11-year old and I had to bend the rules a bit for the 5-year old to maintain peace...any family that has had a 5-year old...you know what I mean.   The 11 year old rolled in a hole in one THREE different times, dad shot even par and the 5-year old even got a 20 on one hole so we were then ready for our next adventure.

I've known Captain Rick Ackerman for almost 15 years.  In another life, we played music together in a Las Vegas Style show band called "Clutch" and occasionally with some good friends, "The Acoustix."

Rick is the owner/operator of the Betsy Ann Riverboat which has been popular for years, but he also owns Airboat Adventures.   I've known ABOUT the airboats for years but NEVER took a ride. I know Rick, I know.....

All I can say is, if you are looking for something fun to do with your family, GO DO THIS!

They want you there a little early so you can enjoy the up close and personal "Gator Experience" which our 5-year old, Roman, took full advantage of...Ava, the 11-year old, was not interested.

After holding the gator and learning some interesting facts, we headed over to the boat launch.  My wife Christy drove us over.  After she heard that we were trying the airboats, she found a free hour in her busy day to join us.

16 of us loaded on to the "swampvette" and we were off.  It was AWESOME from the beginning.  As we idled out, our captain/guide was full of information about local wildlife then asked us to put on our headsets so he could open it up!

We had an absolute blast riding around West Bay and HIGHLY recommend you try this if you haven't.  We enjoyed the ride, admired the amazing views and even searched for gators on the way in.  But what we loved most you can only show in a picture!

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