In 2003, after playing music professionally for 10+ years, I began my real estate career.  I didn't KNOW it would be a career at the time,  just seemed like what almost every other not so young (30) person in Florida looking to supplement their income was doing at the time.

The market was heating up, and I did very well out of the gate but starting in 2006, I learned very quickly that I better figure out WHAT I was doing, and more importantly, WHY I was doing it.

I closed 27 transactions in my first two years, not bad for a rookie.  But what I enjoyed, like playing jazz music especially, was that every deal was different.  While there are many similarities when selling houses and condos, there are WAY more variables that keep every day fresh and exciting.

I feel extremely fortunate to live and sell in a market that affords me the opportunity to help first-time home buyers, seasoned investors, move up buyers, developers, people downsizing, second home owners and even commercial enthusiasts.


Minus development projects, the last five days have been a microcosm of my real estate career and represent why I STILL love going to work every day...I love helping people.

-- 1 --

T and I have known each other for over 13+ years.  We saw the high times and the low times in real estate, weathered some storms and are both better for it.

Out of the blue, he called about a month ago to let me know he was moving back "home."  He introduced me to MB, and we started house shopping.

T grew up in Pensacola and has always LOVED the water.  In fact, I think T is one of those people that NEEDS the water.  If you are one of those people, you know what I mean.

He has been living away from the beach for over seven years and wanted to get as close to the water as he could without blowing the bank.

On their first trip, I helped them find a house, with a pool, completely renovated within 1,000 feet of the beach for $252,500.  After everything we have both been through, I was SO excited to help them find their place back at the beach and looking forward to the housewarming/beach party.

-- 2 --

I didn't spend a lot of time with M and J even though we both live(d) in the same neighborhood.   I played golf with M a few times, watched fight night and had been at some family functions together.

Considering this, I was very moved that they called me to help them sell their home.  M had been promoted within his company, affording him the opportunity to take his family back to their home, Miami.  

Instead of the fun of house shopping, it was more of, "Craig, we need to sell this house YESTERDAY."  We put the house up for sale as soon as they learned about the move and even had to suspend showings while the movers packed them up.

Within days of helping an old friend find HIS way home, I helped M and J accept a contract, relieving them of the stress of their OLD home.  Now, with their two young boys, they are excited about being able to look forward instead of back, another gratifying experience for me.

-- 3 --

I sold J a condo at Calypso last year and after a very successful rental season, he was ready to start building the portfolio.  J is new to condo investing but very experienced in business...he knows value and a good deal.

He has quickly learned that premium units garner a premium sales price and premium rental revenue, so he has been targeting premium units in premium projects, even better if he can find one on a lower floor.

A low floor end unit was coming available and time was of the essence.  J knew that he wasn't going to be the only one interested in a lower floor end unit, close to Pier Park that was in fantastic condition.

He quickly, demanding a quick response.  I appreciated this approach.  Good units don't last long, and J wasn't going to let the negotiation drag out.  We pressed the issue and got the condo UNDER CONTRACT in just over 24 hours.  I am pleased to see J make another solid purchase as he builds a solid, sensible real estate portfolio.

-- 4--

 I met B right at the beginning of my real estate career, and he has been one of my best customers.  I met his wife, D, soon after and have helped them on many transactions since 2004 along with some of their friends.

But life happens sometimes...

We needed to sell the house promptly so they both could move on.  Having been through a divorce, I was sensitive to the situation.  

It was going to be tough.  Homes over $500,000, even on the golf course,  in our market were languishing for sale for over 12 months, not great when you want to sell quickly.  

We worked hard on marketing, even taking a second set of professional photos to enhance the presentation.

It worked.  We received multiple offers and finally landed on a solid, CASH BUYER, who was motivated to buy.


Five days...this is all come to fruition in the last FIVE days.  Such a variety of people, places, and situations all coming together in just five days.

I am humbled by the continued outpouring of appreciation from past customers.  I very much enjoy helping people with their real estate which in turn makes my life better every day.

I have never been happier in my life.  It's not about the money.  Sure, you can do pretty well selling real estate.  But all of the REAL estate PROFESSIONALS out there, who have been doing this awhile know this:


Helping people with skill, care and diligence at the most critical points in their life so that they come out better on the other side.  THAT is what it is about for me.

I have heard, and seen, countless stories of burnout in this business and wonder what motivated those agents.  It is ironic to me because I have never been MORE excited to help MORE people than I am right now.  

Bring on the work; we LOVE helping.  The Duran Group at Pelican Real Estate is ready!

(You should see what's on tap for the NEXT 5 days)