It's easy to sell what you love and even easier to sell where you live

In 2011, we weren't really in the market to move, but when the plans for the Breakfast Point neighborhood were presented to me at a PCB Planning and Zoning Board meeting, my wife and I started to rethink our plans.

 We loved it enough to write the VERY FIRST contract for a home in Breakfast Point.  Our daughter was 5 at the time and our son was in the oven.  We both knew that living so close to Breakfast Point Academy was going to be wonderful.  Not only would it be convenient, but we knew that the neighborhood would attract a lot of families meaning even more possible friends for our kids.

1.  I had already SOLD two homes (one new and one resale) in 2015 but expected and unexpected life changes made me more busy THIS year.

One couple had tried to sell for OVER TWO YEARS with TWO OTHER REAL ESTATE AGENTS before choosing to work with me.  I had new professional photos shot, received an offer, received ANOTHER offer, went under contract and CLOSED today, all in just 138 days.

2.  Sometimes I get called and a family really NEEDS to sell their home.  Unexpected things happen and it's just time to move.  This happened to me TWICE within a few weeks but I was excited to know that the reasons for moving were generally positive for the respective families.

The first one was tough.  Homes over $400,000 weren't moving very fast, especially in Breakfast Point.  But THIS 4BR/3BA home had TWO bonus rooms, loads of upgrades and was right across the street from one of the large parks.  Even better, it was the exact floor plan as my home so I literally knew it inside and out.

Considering the soft market at that price point, I was thankful to bring this family from signing marketing paperwork to signing a contract to signing closing papers in 81 days!

3.  Another young family received great news TWICE in the same year.  They welcomed their second child then, within months, found out they got to move back to where they were from, closer to friends and family.

Needless to say, it was time to SELL.   It took a little longer this time but just last week, they accepted a CASH OFFER and will be closing soon.

4.  It is ALWAYS fun to help a young family find and buy their first home.  This couple was buying their first home together and wanted to be in a nice neighborhood, close to a school. Easy for me, right?  

We talked about a few other options but landed in Breakfast Point pretty quickly.  They looked at a few nice homes and landed on one that is probably going to COST me money.  Once my wife saw it, she already started talking about a remodel :).   It overlooks the conservation area and pond and has a PHENOMENAL outdoor space complete with outdoor kitchen and remote-controlled screen enclosure...very cool!

We have worked through the survey, home inspection, WDO inspection and just received word TODAY from the underwriters that they will be closing and UNPACKING on Monday.

A real estate professional doesn't sell four homes in the same neighborhood very often, much less in a span of 60 days so it's been a fun ride for me, especially since I live in the neighborhood.  If you need any real estate advice, don't hesitate to reach out!

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