Wendy's Reconstruction

If you've passed through the popular intersection of Joan Avenue and Thomas Drive you may have noticed some construction on the corner. Wendy's is going through a complete makeover and has a new modern design. There are still signs of reconstruction, but the new sign has already gone up they will be open for business.

Starbucks {Temporarily} Closed

Don't freak out, it will reopen shortly! The Starbucks located inside the Target at Pier Park will be temporarily closed beginning Sunday the 28th at 2:00 PM through Saturday. Starbucks and Target guests will surely notice the changes as there will be a COMPLETE makeover for this Starbucks location. For all your Starbucks caffeine needs, visit the store located near the Grand Theatre.

Krispy Kreme

Want a sweet bit of insight? Krispy Kreme is coming to the BEACH! Keep your eye out for updates on the glorious "Hot Now" donut joint that will be making its way to Breakfast Point.