To find the perfect fit, I started by thinking of my past, present and future customers first. What would THEY want in a real estate company? What do THEY expect in a brand? In essence, where would THEY want me to be?

After interviewing and researching 8 different companies in the market, I decided to align with Beach Properties of Florida, a Berkshire Hathaway franchise.

Why Berkshire Hathaway?

Consider some of the ideas/words that come straight out of the  Berkshire Hathaway style guide (101-page publication that defines the Berkshire Hathaway Home Servies brand):

  • Be Confident
  • Be Genuine 
  • Be Knowledgeable
  • Be Collaborative
  • We are a national brand
  • We are knowledgeable 
  • We offer long-term stability
  • We are a modern brand with timeless values

Think About It:

Confident. Genuine. Collaborative. Knowledgeable. National. Long-Term Stability. Modern with timeless values. 

Aren't these the kind of words you want to describe your real estate professional?


At the heart of the Berkshire Hathaway brand is the idea of being "good to know." Here is their definition:

In real estate, knowledge means strength to the affiliate, broker, and agent. It means confidence to the buyer and it means comfort to the seller. It implies a spirit of collaboration and a willingness to work together.

We position the brand as the go-to knowledge expert by consistently providing sound insights and genuine advice. Upon receiving those insights and advice, most respond with “good to know.” And we couldn’t agree more.

This fundamental philosophy is rare in the real estate business. Too often, real estate agents are working for themselves and not with or for a buyer or seller. It is nice to find a company trying to be different. 

After meeting with ownership, I was convinced that this was the company for me. The same values outlined by the national brand were exemplified at the local level. Hunter, Price, and John David have opened professional offices in premium locations on 30A and in Panama City Beach.  They already have a number of talented, experienced agents servicing multiple markets and their proven track record with developers is impressive. 

I am excited to move my operation to Berkshire Hathaway and look forward to contributing to their already solid operation for years to come.